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Square of the two Congresses

The Plaza of the Congress, badly called Place of the Two Congresses (the confusion is due to that the monument that is in her is called Of the Two Congresses, in honor to the Assembly of year XIII and to the Congress of Tucumán), is a Square located in the City of Buenos Aires, delimited by the Avenues Entre Rios, Rivadavia, Hipólito Yrigoyen and Virrey Cevallos street.

It is part of a set of three squares located in the same area, next to Plaza Lorea and Plaza Mariano Moreno. The construction of these plazas was an urban creation around the celebrations of the centenary of the May Revolution, and responded to the hygienist thinking of the late nineteenth century that aptly looked for ventilated and sunny places in large cities.

It is located in the neighborhood of Montserrat.